Monday, 23 August 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt

Spencer is at Balaton lake.

Spencer is at No. 221.b Baker street.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

My Birthday Game

Everyone knows my favorite detective is Sherlock Holmes as Jeremy Brett. In my free time, when I am not a teddy bear, I transformation teddy detective and Lucy is my detective partner.

My question is: What do you think about toy teddy detective life?

Please comment on twitpic:
The 3 loveliest answers will be winner, you can comment till Sunday 11st 8 am UK time!
The results of the game will be posted on Sunday 11st July 2010.


Lovely monkey toy

One beautiful scarf from the best silk painter @Pasikas

Treat list writer pencils

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Kolo Martin asked me some question

Kolo asked me some questions its because one of his friends asked him questions and then he had to answer them and then asked some different questions of some other pals so now I got to do that.

1. If you could visit any country in the world where would it be?
I am a little teddy bear who like watching real bears life. My favorite real teddy is Hope so If I could visit any country I would travel to Ely, Minnesota US and meet Hope. :)

2. What thing really makes you smile?
I am a chocolate lover and I always smile when I taste the chocolate.
3. If you were Prime Minister for one day what law would you introduce?
If I were Teddy Prime Minister I would stop the bear hunting.

4. When you are not on Twitter what is your favourite game to play?
I love playing puzzle and computer games.

5. What do you do to make your human or anipals happy?
I love hugging to humans and anipals and doing nice things.


1. If you could meet someone famous who would it be?
2. What is your favorite cartoon?
3. If you were castaway on island what would you do?
4. What is your favorite Twitter event?
5. If you won the lottery what would you buy?

5 pals:


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Kooky case

I got a phone call about missing teddy bear. Kooky Beanie Boo's lost in the jungle garden. Lucy and me looked for everywhere. My bird friend flew over the Jungle Garden. Kooky met the Red Elf. They have been eating tasty elf cookies for three hourse before She went out the Red elf's house. Kooky met the Sissy troll. They have been playing for three hourse before She went out the Sissy troll's house. Lucy and me traveled to the darkness Jungle Garden and looked for Kooky.I have been listening to lovely voices before we followed Kooky's song. I saved Kooky. She broke her watch and didn't know the time. Kooky spent 41 days in the Jungle Garden, but she thought it was 1 day.

Thursday, 29 April 2010


My April started with April Fool's Day on April 1. I got one "April Fool" from Lucy. She told me: "It will be chocolate prohibition at Easter". It is the worst joke ever, but it didn't come true. My first Easter in my life was great, fun and full of chocolates and treats. I was beary good teddy, because I got lots of gifts and surprised. The best think in the Easter time was: I met the Easter Bunny in the living-room. She was beary friendly and gave me many presents.
I was three fabulous pawty on twitter. First one was Area51 Anipal Adventure Pawty. Anipal teams fought dogfights in the air. Laika the first dog crashed into the Earth and She was captured and taken to Area51. She was finally saved by group of Twitter anipals. I was at diversionis team and had a mystic time.
I wore teddy clown outfit at Carnie Pawty. I was at Fortuna Teller and I will have a lovely future. Pepi Smart Dog told me: "You will have new outfits coming your way!" I rode on Thomas engine with Olly. I made a tasty dish: Ischler cookies, Linzer cookies and strawberries for Carnie Pawty and I saw beautiful fireworks.
I arrived at Chickfest Pawpawty with duck. I baked apple cookies for Chickfest and danced a lot with my friends.
My April was fun and full of pawties.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day pawties!

I was at two St. Patrick's Day pawties! The first St. Patrick's Day celebration was on the facebook. We had a great host BJ. McDonald. We drank a lot green beer and listened to U2 and Irish songs. I spent a wonderful time.

The second pawpawty was on the twitter. KF. Panda and me serviced crisps, kiwi and chocolates for pawpawty. I danced and Irish moonwalked. Lucy and Dave made an Irish performance for pawpawty. They danced Irish step dance and Dave danced Irish break.

We had a pawesome restaurant: I ate Flannigan’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, it was delicious.
The St. Patrick's Day pawpawty head was Frugal Dougal, He made a fabulous job. I sang nice Irish green songs in the Shibbering Cheetos concert and chatted a lot with my friends. I had a wonderful green time.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Scifi Pawty

I love going to twitter pawties and facebook events.

I had a scary lovely time at Boris Kitty's scifipawty, I was Yoda teddy knight and used the laser lipstic.

But I had a strange incident with small aliens in scifipawty. Little astronauts saddenly jumped from the pawty bowl and they stole my laser lipstic! I was escaped, my friends: Dave, KF. Panda and Lucy rescued me. We used the laser lipstic! "May the Force be with you."

Friday, 12 March 2010

Teddy Olympics

I spent a wonderful time in Teddy Olympics. Oliver Von Steiff, J. Marshall Sheldon and me organized olympics events for every twitter anipals. We chose funny events like: dabbling, naps, hugs or watching cartoons. Ollyted made pawesome golden, silver and bronze medals for winners.

The results of the Teddy Olympics:

Thank you, for your hard work in Teddy Olympics: Oliver Von Steiff , Dolly (flicka47), Frugal Dougal, Fuzzy Bear, Henry, J. Marshall Sheldon, Maximus Decimus Meridius, ShibberingCheetos, Zackary Rabbit.

Thank you to everyone who entered Teddy Olympics!

Check this video out -- Teddy Olympics

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Russ Berrie & Santa

I live in a cookies box house with Lucy Santa, Dave Demonic Dog and Kung Fu Panda. In my free time, when I am not a teddybear, I transformation teddy detective and Lucy is my detective partner. Dave and KF. Panda are my budyguard. I have solved a beary dangerous and mystery case: The Stella's necklace case.