Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tiny doggie case, part 2.

Vincent hadn't been finding her Mum since She has lived with me and my family.We spent the Christmas and the New Year Eve together. I had been trying  to look for the lost Mum everywhere. I was travelling on my fast sledge and meeting old friends and working on the case. 
 I visited the tiny elf teddy, Wee, who live one of the biggest tree in the bear forest near my home. Wee has never meet the lost Mum. 

While I was on my case journey Morse baboon and George were playing and looking after little Vincent.
One day Lucy and her husband Dave evil doggie visited my house. Lucy had been my assistant before She got married with Dave. The young couple recognised Vincent and She said "Hello my MUM and Daddy.
I was pleased because Vincent tiny doggie found her parents. I could meet with my old friend Lucy.