Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Kooky case

I got a phone call about missing teddy bear. Kooky Beanie Boo's lost in the jungle garden. Lucy and me looked for everywhere. My bird friend flew over the Jungle Garden. Kooky met the Red Elf. They have been eating tasty elf cookies for three hourse before She went out the Red elf's house. Kooky met the Sissy troll. They have been playing for three hourse before She went out the Sissy troll's house. Lucy and me traveled to the darkness Jungle Garden and looked for Kooky.I have been listening to lovely voices before we followed Kooky's song. I saved Kooky. She broke her watch and didn't know the time. Kooky spent 41 days in the Jungle Garden, but she thought it was 1 day.