Thursday, 29 April 2010


My April started with April Fool's Day on April 1. I got one "April Fool" from Lucy. She told me: "It will be chocolate prohibition at Easter". It is the worst joke ever, but it didn't come true. My first Easter in my life was great, fun and full of chocolates and treats. I was beary good teddy, because I got lots of gifts and surprised. The best think in the Easter time was: I met the Easter Bunny in the living-room. She was beary friendly and gave me many presents.
I was three fabulous pawty on twitter. First one was Area51 Anipal Adventure Pawty. Anipal teams fought dogfights in the air. Laika the first dog crashed into the Earth and She was captured and taken to Area51. She was finally saved by group of Twitter anipals. I was at diversionis team and had a mystic time.
I wore teddy clown outfit at Carnie Pawty. I was at Fortuna Teller and I will have a lovely future. Pepi Smart Dog told me: "You will have new outfits coming your way!" I rode on Thomas engine with Olly. I made a tasty dish: Ischler cookies, Linzer cookies and strawberries for Carnie Pawty and I saw beautiful fireworks.
I arrived at Chickfest Pawpawty with duck. I baked apple cookies for Chickfest and danced a lot with my friends.
My April was fun and full of pawties.


blindmaximus said...

It was a pretty great April, wasn't it? Lovely Easter and full of fantastic pawties!

Marlowe said...

It sounds like you had a very exciting month! Mine was pretty calm, but I don't mind!

Spencer Russ Berrie said...

Hello boys, Maximus & Marlowe! My April was full of happy pawties!:O)