Sunday, 21 March 2010

St. Patrick's Day pawties!

I was at two St. Patrick's Day pawties! The first St. Patrick's Day celebration was on the facebook. We had a great host BJ. McDonald. We drank a lot green beer and listened to U2 and Irish songs. I spent a wonderful time.

The second pawpawty was on the twitter. KF. Panda and me serviced crisps, kiwi and chocolates for pawpawty. I danced and Irish moonwalked. Lucy and Dave made an Irish performance for pawpawty. They danced Irish step dance and Dave danced Irish break.

We had a pawesome restaurant: I ate Flannigan’s Ice Cream Sandwiches, it was delicious.
The St. Patrick's Day pawpawty head was Frugal Dougal, He made a fabulous job. I sang nice Irish green songs in the Shibbering Cheetos concert and chatted a lot with my friends. I had a wonderful green time.


blindmaximus said...

It was a wonderful time, wasn't it? Lovely blog post!

Marlowe said...

That is some very nice dancing! What is an Irish moonwalk?

Olly said...

i did hav a beary nise tyme at st. paws #pawpawty too spencer nd it reely cool lucy nd dave did irish dansin -hug hug-

Kolo Martin said...

You obviously have Irish blood somewhere in you Spencer.