Sunday, 14 March 2010

Scifi Pawty

I love going to twitter pawties and facebook events.

I had a scary lovely time at Boris Kitty's scifipawty, I was Yoda teddy knight and used the laser lipstic.

But I had a strange incident with small aliens in scifipawty. Little astronauts saddenly jumped from the pawty bowl and they stole my laser lipstic! I was escaped, my friends: Dave, KF. Panda and Lucy rescued me. We used the laser lipstic! "May the Force be with you."


Olly said...

wee were reely scared at the #scifipawty wen the spacemen caym but it was gud wen dave nd kf panda nd lucy did cum nd help... yay fur usin the force! yew were beary gud as yoda spencer!

Marlowe said...

I am glad that your friends saved you from the little aliens!

Spencer Russ Berrie said...

Thank you, your nice words!

Kolo Martin said...

Those small aliens were a bit scarey weren't they!