Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tiny doggie case, part 1

On one day I found a nice little or mini doggie in my garden, the tiny dog was sitting on the small bush. I climbed the bush and asked from her why She had been crying on the plant. She always said "I lost my Mummy!" She is Vincent, but she.
(I take care her, She lives in my house with my family. )

On the second day Vincent and me met with old and wise bear who knows Vincent's Mummy, but He hasn't seen her a long time ago. I started worry about the Mum.
While I was working on the big and hard case, my younger brofur Chester Beige (who had been naughty teddy,but became a nice pal) looked after her.
We walked back to the garden every day, and hoped we could meet with her Mum, but it hasn't happened anything.
I tried her cheer up with nice fairy tails and child's songs.
I still work on the case...


tweetypie said...

Ohh I hope you find doggies mommy spencer !!

Kolo Martin said...

Oh I wonder what has happened to her mum. Can't wait to find out more. We are glad you are on the case Spencer.