Saturday, 1 October 2011


I have been the most sad in my life when heard Hope was gone. She was my film star, my favorite wild bear, fear teddy in Ely's forest, little Princess and more. I don't understand her death, whey the ugly hunter shot, why Hope was in the danger place, why, why...

She was born in comfortable den in Ely, two years ago. I watched her den every day on web cam and I saw how grows up my tiny wee bear and followed her life after the winter time too.
In the second winter her mother Lily gave a birth two cubs, Faith and Jason.
Jason died in his babyhood so I cheered for three beautiful girls in the Minnesota's forest.
I would like to say goodbye to Hope with my cute photos from her. Rest in Pace sweet Hope. I will never forget.


OllyTed said...

ths is a bootyful tribyewt too deer hope *hug hug* i am soo glad yew cud put owah feelins intoo werds my brofur

Anonymous said...

Thanks Spencer for sharing this story. Very very sad. xx

@Bijntje said...

It is a beautiful post Spencer. Beary well said and lovely pics of Hope. We will never forget her.

pasikas said...

You loved Hope so much,Spencer.These words are a great tribute to that love...Rest In Peace and Love,little Hope xxx

tweetypie said...

awwww such a wonderful tribute spencer, poor lil hope , Im so sad she is gone, but she will live on in our memory & through your lovely pics , Hugsxoxo
RIP Sweet Hope xoxo
love gunner , Sheila

Pumpkinpuddy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your furriend Hope. The pictures are wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing Hope and your pictures with us. *softpaw*