Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Birthday Pool Game

My question is: Can you synchronized swim?

Please comment on twitpic, about synchronized swimming types of lift or positions:
The 4 loveliest answers will be winner , you can comment till on 10 July 8 pm UK time!
The results of the game will be posted on 12 July 2011.


Treats lover Giraffe from the desert island

Honey lover Teddy (Winnie) from the book

Greens and jade hand-painted pure silk scarf from my Aunty @pasikas

Coral and azure hand-painted pure silk scarf from my Aunty @pasikas


pasikas said...

what a great idea!!! love the cuddlies !! Auntypasikisses

tweetypie said...

Oh da prizes are wonderful !! So sorry but twitpic won't let me comment on Der :(( would love to play ur birthday game hugs xo