Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mars Case

Hi, I'm Gilbert Pocket Bearmani, Spencer Russ Berrie's friend and We live together in the cookie box house. One day I found an old diary on the attic and Spencer and me read the exciting book.
We realized Spencer's grand grand father wrote the diary and He's name old Benjamin and live on the Mars planet and has a chocolate factory.

Old Benjamin

Spencer and Lucy traveled to the Mars and tried to find Benjamin and taste his delicious chocolate.

Other day Spencer and Lucy lost and the space contact broke and I didn't find them. Spencer's adopted son Sherlock traveled to the Mars too.
I asked my friend: Olly, Kolo Martin, Kathleen, Marshallsheldon, Maximus and Thisbear tried to help me. Finally we found Spencer and Lucy in the CHOCOLATE.

I think everyone knows Spencer likes chocolate so everyone understand the end of the story. I have a silly friend.

Gil Pocket Bearmani


pasikas said...

It was a great exciting in space!!!!

OllyTed said...

ohh spencer i haf lovd yur caes soo soo mutch! yew ar soo creativ nd wundaful! th bestest teddy detektiv evah!

Spencer Russ Berrie said...

Thank you for, your nice comment Kathleen! Oh I hope you are enjoyed the case Olly, thanks for the nice words.

Marlowe said...

Oh, that's a lot of chocolate! I do like chocolate, but I'm not sure that I like it that much!

Kolo Martin said...

Oh that was such an exciting case. Did you really want to be rescued from the chocolate so soon! Hee hee heee!

Boho Kids said...

Wow. What an adventure! You bears crack me up!